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"You must check out the sales page to see video of Stuart making £128 profit from one trade + testimonials from real customers getting real results from this course." - Philip

Note - to claim your bonus, send an email with a copy of your purchase receipt to Please allow up to 48 hours for a reponse. I can't wait to see you make your first tax free income using BF Scalper!

The Proof Is In The Pudding

January to March 2023: Stuart executed 578 trades during 3 months, applying methodologies he will impart during this course, and he generated a profit exceeding £26,551. The members area provides full video evidence of Stuart securing these profits, in addition to countless videos demonstrating members also reaping daily gains.

The screnshot below is from the sales page of BFScalper.

What The BFScalper Course Contains:

There are no limits with this course. The amount of value inside is INSANE and the price is so low you would be INSANE to not grab your copy today + secure the bonuses listed further down on this page...

200+ High definition (HD) videos

Full explanations, containing all the information you need - in detail, totaling well over 25 hours of professional training.

Live video trading examples

Taking you step-by-step - newbie friendly. We start at the very beginning, explaining why, how, and when to make profits.

Setting up the software

How to set up the BetAngel software exactly how it is needed, including all the settings required to trade profitably.

How to use the Course

Explains exactly how to get the best out of the course for maximum potential. This is more important than most people realise!

Trading psychology

The mentality side of trading is explained in detail, and it's importance. Many people are not prepared mentaly to trade - we show you what to do.

Explaining the basics

Different types of trades, and uses. Get the basics right, and the rest follows naturally, with practice of course.

How trading profits are made

Endless detailed explanations on how to profit using live video footage, showing real life examples of many profitable situations.

Betting banks / staking

How to set up your betting bank for success. Staking, protection, as well as how to filter your trading based on your actual bank.

Trading Price movements

Predicting when price movements are about to happen, how to deal with them, and actually profit from them.

How to use Stop Losses

How to control your Betfair trading with safety mechanisms that not only save you from losses, but increase profits, too!

Losses into Profits

Every Betfair trader will make losses at some stage, we teach you how to turn those same losses into actual profits.

Proof of Profits Shown

We actually show you Betfair Profit & Loss on the trades we demonstrate so you can see that real profits are being made.

Email Video Responses

We show you live responses to questions sent in from other members so that you can gather all the support you require.

Advanced Betfair Trading

Once you have learned the basic concepts of scalping, we then show you more detailed methods of profit in the advanced section.

Filtering Races for Profit

We teach you how to filter the days races for maximum profit potential, this not only saves you time, but increases return on investment.

Pre Race Betfair Trading

We show you all aspects of making a profit using Pre-Race Betfair trading techniques to ensure you are fully experienced to take advantage of the Betfair markets.

Risk Free Betfair Trading

We teach you how to effectively gain a free bet which can triple your profits. This strategy alone gets members very excited indeed!

Higher Stakes / Profits

Once you are making a profit, we teach you how to increase your stakes for no additional risk, this again, maximises profit returns for all trades.

Compounding Profits

On the course we show you that even starting with the smallest of betting banks can return exponential profits over short periods of time.

New Trading Spreadsheets

Members now also gain access to specific spreadsheet tools that can transform their progression into using higher stakes, and thus gradually scalping up to higher profits - safely.

Member Critique Videos

'Digging Deeper' videos where members send in their own trading videos and we show them EXACTLY where they can improve their trading. This feature has helped a lot of members.

Get These Exclusive Bonuses Included In Your Purchase Today

These bonuses created by Philip from Horse Race Trading to help you gain perspective. There are many angles to consider when trading on the exchanges so understanding how and why the market moves is vital. With these four bonuses, you can set yourself above the average beginner trader and start seeing real results fast. These bonuses are here to compliment BFScalper. 

Bonus # 1

Resistance Point Reversal Hack

This easy-to-learn hack allows beginner traders to effortlessly scalp easy profits from the three key resistance points on the trading ladder.

When used correctly, any trader can use huge trading leverage to rack up a huge strike rate in a safe way.

These profitable markets happen every single day on Betfair and are incredibly profitable, once you know how to spot them.

Value - £9.99


Green-Up Reversal Hack

Profit from the flurry (or sometimes lack thereof) of last-minute bets in any horse race by using our reversal hack.

This easy-to-learn strategy allows any beginners to scalp out easy profits in almost any race with minimal risk in the last 10 seconds before a race starts.

This little secret is not widely know, but once you see it, you cannot unsee it.

Combine this with any other strategy and you can top up each race with an easy scalp just before the race starts.

Value - £9.99

Bonus # 3

Overbet Genius

Trading overbet horses is like shooting fish in a barrel.

These seemingly rare opportunities are incredibly easy to spot and happen once or twice per racing day once you learn how to spot them with our “Overbet Genius” training.

All profitable traders need to learn this method.

Once you know what indicators to look for on the trading charts, you can easily "predict" the market and perform huge swing trades that can bring in 10+ ticks of profit with reasonable certainty.

Value - £9.99


60-Second Scalper Method

Discover an accessible yet robust trading strategy that seamlessly allows you to glide into the market, securing consistent 1-tick profits, and slip out unscathed.

This approach enables you to intimately understand market trends in real-time, equipping you with the tools to confidently conquer the trading landscape, rather than reacting belatedly.

Elevate your trading acumen with our 60-Second Scalper Method, mastering the art of practical, safe trading like never before.

Value - £9.99

No Nonsense

100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

You have 60 days to try the BFScalper, and if you have not made a profit after that time, or gained the immense value advertised, then you can apply for a complete refund. 

Although I fully expect for you to have made the purchase price back quickly, if not very soon after you have fully learned and understood the methodologies.

This is the reason why BFScalper retain 99% of their members, and have done now for over 6+ years - because they are teaching them ways to make a profit which simply work.

Join The No.1 "Game-Changing" Betfair Trading Course Today & Secure These Exclusive Bonuses: Learn The Simpelst Way To Generate Tax Free Income Quickly

"You must check out the sales page to see video of Stuart making £128 profit from one trade + testimonials from real customers getting real results from this course." - Philip

Note - to claim your bonus, send an email with a copy of your purchase receipt to Please allow up to 48 hours for a reponse. I can't wait to see you make your first tax free income using BF Scalper!

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